Our history

Karramba – „The Devil”

The history of this place dates back to the 15th century, when a beer hall operated in the Gothic cellars that are now part of our restaurant. For many years it housed an artistic, urban cafe called „Węgliszek”, named in memory of the devil who, according to legend, came to Bydgoszcz together with Master Twardowski. Węgliszek was wily, clever and very industrious, and it was he who sent the Master the most customers. When Master Twardowski left Bydgoszcz, Węgliszek remained in the city, promising the sorcerer that he would flourish souls, fill young girls with passion and make witches out of old women.

In 2015, we began a new chapter for the place, inviting the first guests to Karramba. In creating the restaurant and menu, we referred to the previous history of the place. In the historic interiors of the restaurant you will find an artistic mural with a quote from James Joyce’s „Ulysses”: „God made the food, and the Devil made the cooks.” Karramba combine the best quality products with culinary art. Flagship dishes have become sizzling steaks on hot stones, sirloin tartare on crispy wholemeal toast and offal: goose gizzards, brain or bull testicles. These dishes are marked in our menu with devil’s horns. The presence of Węgliszek is also recalled by his horned image in the form of a signboard set at the entrance to Karramba, and a room in the basement, where, according to urban legend, he used to live, was named in his honor.

Karramba, with its distinctive communal table in the middle of the restaurant and evenings with live music, quickly became a must-see on the map of Bydgoszcz’s Old Town and a leading restaurant among Bydgoszcz residents and tourists.

In 2022 we opened Karramba in the Old Town of Toruń. The tenement house at 13 Lazienna Street in which the restaurant is located has been a well-known point on the gastronomic map of Toruń since the 19th century. The first restaurant „Pod Lwem” was located here, then from 1928 „Astorja”, then from 1931 „Niespodzianka”. The decadent interior of the restaurant, with a richly decorated ceiling in the Neo-Renaissance style with numerous polychromes and gilding, creates an amazing atmosphere.We have added some distinctive elements that guests associate with Karramba. A mural was created on the wall, which is part of our philosophy and a communal table stood under a huge crystal chandelier and the interiors were filled with plants. From the restaurant’s spacious windows you can admire, among other things, the Gothic Cathedral of St. Johns.