Restauracja KARRAMBA

BYDGOSZCZ, Stefana Batorego 1    52-321-51-89   

TORUŃ, Polna 7b    530-085-020   


Our range of dishes includes Italian pizza, steaks, beers from craft breweries, vegan and vegetarian dishes.
It is the only place in Bydgoszcz where  beef is dry aged – within several days, in a specially adapted steak lockers, the best parts of beef are ripening and becoming soft and juicy. By doing that we can take pride in having natural and concentrated flavour steaks.

Perfect location for dinner, business meetings, family events.

We accept animals in the restaurant.

Restauracja Karramba Bydgoszcz
What is unique about us and makes us stand out among our competitors is meat and its curing.
We are the only place in Bydgoszcz where we cure meat in a special chamber. In more than ten days, we cure the best carcasses supplied by our trusted livestock breeders. As a result, our steaks are soft, juicy and natural.

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